Feasibility studies for Deep Groundwater Potential

Ruden Water can perform a feasibility study for your region to assess the potential for deep groundwater aquifers. We can do this for regions of all sizes, from a local region to a complete country. The time that is needed for this feasibility study depends on the size of the area of interest but can range from 1 month up to 1 year. Contact us with your questions and we are happy to discuss what would be possible for your area of interest!

A feasibility study typically consists of the elements described below. This phase does not include analysis or interpretation of oil and gas data.

- Cost benefit analysis for deep groundwater, compared with different other solutions for groundwater.

- Understanding the water needs of a region. What is the total volume of water that is needed daily?

- State of the art of previously done hydrological studies in the region.

- Review of the surface geology and topography to understand the drainage system.

- Ground water recharge estimate using climate data. This information will be input to the geological model in subsequent phases of the project. More importantly, groundwater recharge estimate gives an indication of what the sustainable rate of water extraction should be for a region.

- Mapping the oil and gas activities in the region, to understand what data could be available from this source. Ruden Water will advise the client how to get access to this data.

Image 2 Groundwater Somalia

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