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Ruden Energy is now looking for a motivated candidate that has the right skillset to design and create geo-energy systems, from low temperature heating and cooling to high temperature thermal storage. Ruden Energy specializes in optimizing and designing geothermal system based on the local hydrogeological conditions of a project location.

About Ruden

Ruden AS consists of Ruden Energy, Ruden Water and Ruden Geo Services. We are a growing company with offices in Oslo, Østfold and Stockholm in addition to a broad range of affiliates around the world. We are currently 20 employees all working together to contribute to some of the greater challenges in the world, ranging from identification of deep groundwater in arid places to storage of surplus energy from combustion plants.

We believe in the sensible and innovative use of science and technology, which characterizes our business. In the development of energy systems, water exploration, borehole logging and geophysics, we lean heavily on methods and technology derived from the oil industry.

What we are looking for

The candidate must have experience in geo energy design and a background in (structural) geology with affinity for mechanical engineering. You will be the bridge between a (hydro)geologist and a mechanical engineer who designs the energy central. Being able to talk both languages is key in creating the right design.

Ruden Energy is a growing company within Ruden AS which brings you in touch with all phases of a project. You will be involved in all aspects ranging from sales to fieldwork and reporting. You will assist in field campaigns to gather the required hydrogeological data that you will process into valuable information with colleagues, to provide the client with the right advice and design based on the potential.

Ruden Energy are proud of our hands-on mentality and we like to try new innovations and push boundaries. Our projects range from low temperature open groundwater systems to high temperature closed and open systems. We work with established groundwater and geothermal software packages and are designing our own software together with SINTEF. Modelling experience is highly appreciated, but not a key requirement.

Yes, we are looking for a motivated Swiss armyknife that is willing to push the boundaries and is open for new ideas.


- Education in structural geology.

- Experience in geothermal design (minimum 3 years).

- Experience in mechanical engineering (minimum 1 year).

- Available for field work

- Full proficiency in English

- Eligible to work in; and be located in Norway

Nice to have:

- Experience in geothermal modelling

- Programming (Matlab, Python, R, etc)

- Experience working with CAD sofware

- Fieldwork experience

- Project management

- Norwegian language, driver licence

How to apply

Send your application to:, or find the job post on LinkedIN.

Include in your application:

- CV as per requirements in this text

- Cover letter written specifically for this position

NOTE: We will ONLY review applications with a complete application.

Deadline: applications will be reviewed continously, but no later than Monday 17th of January

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We are honoured by the feature in Aftenposten A-Magasinet last weekend about the Somalia water project and our team. It is motivating us even more when the importance of our work is recognized!

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The world needs water now, more than ever. If we don’t act, by 2030, water scarcity will displace between 24 million and 700 million people. Now, more than ever, the world needs us. The world needs the oil industry to take action. Used in a new context, the legacy of earlier surveys for petroleum is shifting the boundaries for groundwater. No other industry is closer to equivalent in relevant competence, resources and capacity. The leap from oil to water is not far, but a new and comprehensive Marshall-plan is needed and will be an aid to self-help in the long term.