Recharge and Runoff

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Groundwater Recharge Maps

Recharge refers to the amount of water from rainfall that infiltrates the surface of the earth and replenishes shallow aquifers. Accurate prediction of when, where and how much rainfall contributes to groundwater recharge will help with planning agricultural activities, and sustainable rates of water extraction.

Ruden Water can provide high resolution groundwater recharge and runoff maps with a time resolution of 1 day, and spatial coverage ranging between 250 m2 to a few million km2. These are maps that indicate the location and magnitude of recharge and runoff over a desired area. The direct application of this work can help costumers identify places that are more suitable for shallow groundwater search and planning for water harvesting.

Water Harvesting using Runoff

Q. How much runoff volume can be collected for storage?

Q. Where is the best location for collecting runoff?

Q. What are seasonal variations in runoff?

Runoff Computation Method

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