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Water from deeper aquifers may be the most cost-effective solution in the Horn of Africa for the medium-to-long term, and there is an urgent need to further develop local knowledge and technology to enable the sustainable exploitation of these unconventional resources of water.

We propose a way of working based on knowledge exchange rather than knowledge transfer. The first step towards knowledge exchange is to share the methods and data necessary to find deep groundwater. Both methods and data are made available in the public domain. In addition, we aim to design and implement training programs on the exploration, development, and management of deep groundwater resources together with different agencies such as governments, local universities, research institutes, international universities with experience in this matter, NGOs, and oil and water industries from the private sector.

We are currently working with the Federal Government of Somalia in creating a Somali team that can carry on the science behind finding deep groundwater.

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Lecture Series

Coming soon: Lecture by Fridtjov Ruden on the drilling technique and requirements for a drilling rig for exploration of deep groundwater.


(Will be published in April 2023)

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