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Climate resilience and Food security

Water first

Ruden Water’s mission is to enable the access and use of conventional and unconventional water resources, to ultimately enhance climate resilience and improve food security. While more and more countries are experiencing drought and water shortages, several of these countries have suitable hydrogeological settings to hold large amounts of low-salinity water in deep aquifers.

Ruden Water has over 40 years of experience with water exploration. Its roots lie in humanitarian and development water projects in Africa and other places in the world. We are recognized as a science and technology driven company with a dose of idealism, today working on water projects in all sizes from local to national scale.

In 2023 we established the Sustainable Deep Groundwater Foundation to create a more comprehensive multipartner framework for sustainable development of water projects.

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Ruden Water in the news


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Ruden finalist for the Water Changemaker Innovation Awards 2023

Ruden is extremely proud to be amongst the 30 finalists for the Water Changemaker Innovation Awards 2023. Water Changemaker Awards2023 is a global initiative that aims to recognise high-level commitment and leadership for climate resilient water investments and showcase the most promising climate resilient innovations with the greatest potential for scale, replication, and further investment to support a water-secure world.

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Ruden Water's participation at the UN Water Conference 2023

In March, almost 7000 people attended this first global water conference in almost half a century. The conference offered a good opportunity to engage and meet with various stakeholders and to discuss the preliminary results of the deep groundwater mapping in Somalia.


Ruden Water committed to the Water Action Agenda

Today is World Water Day. To recognize the importance of this day Ruden Water committed their commitments to the Water Action Agenda.

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Ruden Water holding a Side Event as part of the UN Water 2023 Conference

How vintage oil & gas data enabled the identification of deep groundwater in Somalia

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Ruden Water signs MoU with NOCK (National Oil Corporation of Kenya)

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Ruden Water present at the Norway, Sweden and Kenya Business Summit in Nairobi