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Ruden Energy

Ruden Energy uses their knowledge and experience in hydrogeology, combined with technology from the oil and gas sector to provide clean, geothermal heating and cooling, and energy storage.

We work with three concepts, LEAT, HEAT and iHEAT, based on open circulation of water through an enhanced fracture network. LEAT concepts deliver heating and cooling to buildings and infrastructure in a smarter and more efficient way than traditional well systems. HEAT and iHEAT enable the storage of waste heat or storage of energy from renewable sources.

Ruden Energy is the only supplier that delivers such concepts in Norway, based on their knowledge and experience of hydrogeology and applied technology. We have projects running from the greater Oslo area to Tromsø, and have the ambition to expend outside of Norway.

Ruden Energy in the news



Ruden Energy awarded research grant from the Norwegian Research Council

Ruden AS Geo Solutions has been awarded a research grant through the EnergiX program “Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector and Commercialisation Projects” from the Research Council of Norway.


'Prakteksempel': Subsurface storage of Kvitebjørns waste heat

Kvitebjørn Varme in Tromsø received NOK 91 million from Enova to fulfill the desire to supply the whole of Tromsøya with district heating. Ruden Energy plays a central part of the solution, developing heat storage in 300m deep wells, that allow heat produced in the summer to be utilized on the coldest days of the year.