Success Stories


Ruden Energy has finalized 2 LEAT projects, in Oslo and Asker, that are running successfully for years now.

Currently, 5 LEAT projects are ongoing in the greater Oslo area. In Tromsø, the first HEAT plant is currently being developed. Below a selection of success stories.

Asker Panorama

Asker Panorama was among the first buildings in Norway with the Breeam `Excellent`certificate.


Oslo Science Park, our office space in Oslo, is heated and cooled by our own wells!

Økern Portal

Økern Portal is named as one of Oslo's most forward-looking buildings, that will be finished in 2020.

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Smarter heating and cooling of buildings and infrastructure

Ruden Energy has developed the Low Enthalpy Aquifer Technology (LEAT) system for heating and cooling large commercial and residential buildings. LEAT is also suitable for infrastructure facilities such as train stations and airports.

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Creating industrial sized “underground batteries” from waste heat

Ruden Energy created its HEAT concept to store and recover seasonal waste heat from industrial processes, turning bedrock into large-scale natural thermal batteries. The stored heat can be recovered whenever needed.

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Underground energy storage for renewables

Ruden Energy is developing the iHEAT system for storing electricity from renewables, converted to heat, directly in the ground. If successful, it could be a game changer for clean energy supply.