Ruden wins the ONS Innovation Award 2022

During the ONS conference in Stavanger, Ruden has received the prestigious ONS Innovation Award, in the SME category.

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Ruden's HEAT technology was chosen amongst 100 applications. The award was presented by the Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Terje Aasland during the North Seas session.

Ruden is incredibly proud on this reward and the recognition for Rudens long history of entrepreneurship and innovation. Ruden is very excited to make their HEAT technology happen and provide a piece of the puzzle to make this green shift happen.

As CEO Helene remarks in her speech: ' We are very happy to feel home at ONS now. I am so proud that our combination of Oil and Gas competence and our innovative ideas really materialize now'.

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Jury Assessment

“The main objective of the ONS SME (small, medium enterprises) Innovation Awards is to promote efforts to disrupt, improve or replace current solutions that will make the energy industry more competitive and sustainable at all stages in the value chain. With this award we want to honour the SME segment in our industry especially. As an energy industry, we need more transfer of competence, ideas, and collaboration with partners across the energy landscape if we are to meet our net zero targets.

This year’s winner of the SME award has a long history of entrepreneurship and innovation where competence from different fields go hand in hand. The green energy revolution is certainly about inventing new ways of producing more and cleaner energy. But it is also about using materials, resources, and precious energy wisely and by that avoiding both wasted value and securing income in new ways. Heating and cooling of buildings and industry accounts for half of EU’s energy consumption according to the European Commission. Industrial processes in Europe are currently responsible for almost 26% of primary energy consumption and are characterized by a multitude of energy losses, therefore waste heat recovery is essential. The energy squeeze in Europe now accentuates this more than ever.

The Innovation Award Jury, find Ruden’s HEAT technology, a worthy winner of this year’s ONS SME Innovation Award.”

Innovation Award winners 2022 - Wärtsilä Norway & Ruden -

About the ONS Innovation Awards

The Innovation Award has been awarded to recognize innovation which may have high impact on the energy system. The first Innovation Award to be presented was in 1982. In 2004 a second category to the Innovation Award, the SME, was added to include small and medium sized enterprises. The winners are decided by the jury, which decides a winner from several criteria.

About ONS

When oil and gas was discovered in the North Sea, the need for a meeting place for the companies in this new industry emerged. ONS was short for Offshore Northerns Seas, as the event was targeted at companies with business in the North Sea basin. Today, the event attracts visitors for all over the world, and is known as just ONS.

For decades the ONS Foundation has developed an international network with representatives from industry, authorities, academia and research institutions. The foundation has several working committees represented by more than 250 leaders from industry and politics. The committees advise and shape the programme and direction of our work.

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Ruden nominated as one of the 5 finalists for the ONS Innovation Award!

Ruden is nomated as one of the 5 finalists for the ONS Innovation Award with their HEAT concept. The winner of the award will be announced at the ONS conference in Stavanger, the 30th of August.

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Innovation on water

Ruden Geo Services is always looking for ways to improve and innovate their products. On a project for Statens Vegvesen, Ruden Geo Services tested the possibility to perform seismic reflection on water. This technique is widely used in the Oil & Gas industry, but is still in a research phase on this smaller scale for geotechnical purposes.


'The unexpected oil change'

We are honoured by the feature in Aftenposten A-Magasinet last weekend about the Somalia water project and our team. It is motivating us even more when the importance of our work is recognized!