Ruden Water signs MoU with NOCK (National Oil Corporation of Kenya)

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Coincidentally, the driest parts of Kenya have the best quality subsurface data, that can be used to identify deep groundwater resources. Ruden Water and NOCK (National Oil Corporation of Kenya), have been in dialogue to discuss a potential collaboration to utilize the oil & gas data and compentence of Kenya to explore for deep groundwater aquifers.

At the Norway, Sweden and Kenya Business Summit, Ruden Water (represented by CEO Helene Ree Ruden) and NOCK (represented by CEO Leparan Gideon Morintat) have signed an MoU (memurandum of understanding), to confirm their intentions on joining their forces on identification of deep groundwater resources.

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About NOCK

The National Oil Corporation of Kenya is a fully integrated State Corporation involved in all aspects of the petroleum supply chain covering the upstream oil and gas exploration, midstream petroleum infrastructure development and downstream marketing of petroleum products.

National Oil is among the few African national oil companies directly involved in the search for oil and gas, and they have a large database of data (well data and seismic) from operations in the whole of Kenya.

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Vitising partners in Kenya and Somalia

The team of Ruden Water is continuing its endeavours to enable more access to water in the Horn of Africa. Recently, Elizabeth and Helene travelled to Nairobi to meet with NOCK (National Oil Corporation of Kenya) and the Ministry of Water of Kenya. They also traveled to Mogadishu in Somalia to discuss the continuation of the Somalia Deep Groundwater Project.