Ruden Water's participation at the UN Water Conference 2023

Almost 7000 people attended this first global water conference in almost half a century last week: the #UN2023WaterConference. The conference offered a good opportunity to engage and meet with various stakeholders and to discuss the preliminary results of the deep groundwater mapping in Somalia. The focus of the discussion was the need for cross-sectoral and cross-border collaboration, the importance of management of cross boundary aquifers, the economic value of water and the effects of climate change 🌍

#RudenWater emphasized not only the substantial volumes of water stored in deep aquifers in the Horn of Africa, but also stressed the importance of blended investment to encourage cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder participation in the water sector in East Africa 🤝

There is still a lot of work ahead to reach #SDG6 by 2030. Groundwater, even though it provides about 50% of all drinking water worldwide, is still hidden on the agenda. Also, innovation did not have the podium it would deserve on such a milestone event 💧

The Water Conference closed with 700 commitments for the #WaterAction agenda from across all sectors and Ruden is proud to have submitted, and be partner, in 5 of them.

We will continuously put in all our efforts and play our role to reach SDG6, together with our current and future partners 🚰


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