Seismics On Ice

In the realm of geophysics, innovation is key to provide clients with the best possible results. Ruden Geo Services specializes in pushing the boundaries of geophysics through cutting-edge techniques and a commitment to client satisfaction.

Offering expertise in Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT), Induced Polarization (IP), seismic surveys, and well logging, Ruden Geo Services has a complete toolkit to provide complete data to its client. But what truly sets them apart is their dedication to innovation and problem-solving, as demonstrated by their recent project conducted in the depths of winter.

Within the icy landscapes of a frozen fjord, the Ruden Geo Services team embarked on a extraordinary seismic survey, performing seismic reflection profiles on ice.

The project exemplifies Ruden Geo Services' commitment to thinking outside the box and collaborating closely with clients to achieve their goals.

Enjoy the video showing the beauty of the winter landscape juxtaposed with the skillfull team of Ruden Geo Services at work, thriving in even the most demanding environments, providing clients with data and insights.

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Vitising partners in Kenya and Somalia

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Ruden received funding from the Norwegian Space Center for a feasibility assessment for climate adaptation of low-lying islands – Remote sensing for hydraulic uplift monitoring.

Every year, The Norwegian Spacecenter (Norsk Romsenter) invites organisations to apply for supplementary funds. This year, 25 organisations received funding, and Ruden is one of them.

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Vitising partners in Kenya and Somalia

The team of Ruden Water is continuing its endeavours to enable more access to water in the Horn of Africa. Recently, Elizabeth and Helene travelled to Nairobi to meet with NOCK (National Oil Corporation of Kenya) and the Ministry of Water of Kenya. They also traveled to Mogadishu in Somalia to discuss the continuation of the Somalia Deep Groundwater Project.