Well logging

Ruden Geo Services is market leader in Norway concerning professional and commercial borehole logging (down to 3000 meters). We perform borehole logging in vertical holes, in boreholes and in horizontal holes. We have also developed methods for logging in horizontal wells that require water-filled holes.

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Ruden Geo Services provides logging services to oil standards, where well logging is also known as wireline logging. Thanks to our close collaboration with EGS (European Geophysical Services) in the UK we have access to an extensive selection of instruments. All our instruments can be "stacked" to save time. The areas of application are e.g. feasibility studies for road or tunnel constructions, environmental studies and groundwater surveys and mineral exploration. Ruden Geo Services carries a wide range of probes for every imaginable purpose:

Our available well logging tools:

  • Acoustic Borehole Televiewer (ATV)
  • Optical Televiewer (OTV)
  • Natural Gamma (NGAM)
  • Spectral Gamma (SGAM)
  • Caliper (3-arm)
  • Temperature (TEMP)
  • Fluid Conductivity (COND)
  • Impeller Flowmeter
  • Heat-Pulse Flowmeter (HPFM)
  • Normal Resistivity
  • Dual Guard Focused Resistivity (DLL3)
  • Full Waveform Sonic (CBLS)
  • Magnetic Suseptibility
  • Induced Polarisation Sonde
  • 3-Axis Magnetometer
  • Dual Induction
  • Formation Sidewall Density
  • Adressable Fluid Sampler
  • Compensated Neutron
  • P&S Wave Micro Seismic Tool (PSMS)
  • Temperature-Conductivity
  • Ultra Slim Compensated Neutron
  • Ultra Slim Density
  • Ultra Slim Pipeline Trajectory
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Our latest projects

Ruden Geo Services er markedsleder innen borehullslogging i Norge. Geologisk logging av borehull.

Ruden Geo Services has logged over 150 kilometers of boreholes, all over Norway for diverse applications. Below is a list of our valued customers:


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