Ruden Water committed to the Water Action Agenda

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Today is #worldwaterday. The current water crisis can be felt everywhere in the world. One in three people worldwide does not have access to water. Achieving SDG6 requires the contribution of all sectors.

The Water Action agenda is being filled with commitments, reflecting a shared vision for achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6, and Ruden Water is not sitting back!

We have identified over 400 Km3 of fresh groundwater in place in Somalia, of which around 15 Km3 can be yearly sustainably used for human consumption or agriculture, and we are committed to complete the mapping of the whole country by June 2023:

Promoting cross-sectoral collaboration to accelerate the use of deep, on-and offshore fresh groundwater sources in water-scarce communities | Department of Economic and Social Affairs

On a global scale, Ruden has committed to promoting cross-sectoral collaboration between the private sector (oil industry and water industry), academia and research:
Identifying additional groundwater resources in Somalia by using oil data | Department of Economic and Social Affairs

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Ruden Water's participation at the UN Water Conference 2023

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Ruden Water's participation at the UN Water Conference 2023

In March, almost 7000 people attended this first global water conference in almost half a century. The conference offered a good opportunity to engage and meet with various stakeholders and to discuss the preliminary results of the deep groundwater mapping in Somalia.

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Ruden Water holding a Side Event as part of the UN Water 2023 Conference

How vintage oil & gas data enabled the identification of deep groundwater in Somalia

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Ruden Water signs MoU with NOCK (National Oil Corporation of Kenya)