Ruden Geo Services offers the Hydropuls technique, together with its partner Hydropuls GmbH from Germany, with the purpose of increasing or restoring the productivity of wells.

Hydropuls is a technology where pressure pulse sequences are created by pulsing inputs of gas or water under high pressure using a pulse generator that is inserted in the well. Thanks to the valve system the pulse generator is able to release the energy that is accumulated in the generation in the form of high-tension gas or water within a very short switching time (milliseconds) by opening large cross sections, creating hydraulic shock waves. At the same time, a cavitation effect is caused by the sudden volume change, leading to the formation of a vacuum bubble that subsequently collapses ad thus creates a hydraulic suction wave.

Hydropuls can be applied on different wells and boreholes, to clean them out to improve the performance:

  • Production wells
  • Injection wells
  • Water wells
  • Drinkin water extraction wells
  • Geothermal water wells
  • Dewatering wells in mining
  • Vertical wells
  • Horizontal wells

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