Reflection and Refraction Seismics


Ruden Geo Services offers seismic refraction and reflection, both on land and on water. Ruden Geo Services’ unique seismic approach makes seismic acquisition quick and flexible. Seismic acquisition is possible even at challenging terrain.

Ruden acquires 2D seismic lines, but can also offer seismic in a grid to enable 3D modeling. The profile length is flexible as well.

The competent team on geophysicists and geologists of Ruden Geo Solutions does not only deliver processed and interpreted data but will also integrate the results with the regional geological data, and available geotechnical information by request of the client. We use high standard processing and visualization tools.

Seismic results can give you, amongst others:

- Thickness of sediments

- Depth to bedrock

- Location of fracture-or weakness zones

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Refleksjon og refraksjon seismikk

Ruden Geo Services tilbyr seismisk refraksjon, både på land og på vann. Ruden Geo Services unike seismiske tilnærming gjør seismikk raskt og fleksibelt, og er mulig selv i utfordrende terreng or i byen.

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